Allow me to introduce my stud boys...

Tyson ' retiring in 2019'

 Edward 'retiring in 2019' 

Bobby 'the youngster'

TC 'super stud'

'B' retiring in 2019

and lastly but not least 'Bentley'

          'Bentley' - Mawbritz Bentley is my pride & joy

Blood Group B. PKD negative 

Carries Chocolate

Does not carry Longhair

Blue Tabby Colourpointed boy,

 i love this boy

(CH Mawbritz Ruby Tuesday x CH Bumpkin Tin Cup)

'Tyson' - CHAMPION Mawbritz Lamborghini is now retired

Blood Group B. PKD negative 

Seal Colourpoint boy, i love this boy

'EDWARD' (GRAND CHAMPION Mawbritz By Design) - see Show 2013 page

My Cream Colourpointed star, he is Gucci's son

Blood Group A  - PKD Negative - Carries Chocolate

Retiring in 2019

 'BOBBY' ( CHAMPION Mawbritz Bobs my Uncle)

Beautiful Blue Colourpointed from GRCH Mawbritz By Design & Mawbritz Yeah Baby

He is a true teddy bear, enjoying his show career & hopefully will give us 'little bobbies' soon

 'TC' ( CHAMPION Bumpkin Tin Cup)

A fabulous Blue Colourpointed boy whom I am very honoured to own, many thanks to his breeders

 from Alejandro DancesWithWolves & CHAMPION Bumpkin Bumble Bee.

He is a charmer who loves his ladies x

'Bee' ( Mawbritz Plan B) 

My Golden tipped youngster

Carries Colourpoint

Retiring in 2019